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I stayed home to drink and write this - I could have been something

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March 25th, 2008

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08:40 pm - I stayed home to drink and write this
I keep falling in love with the same guy.

Lately though, I can't find him in anyone.

I think I missed the point back in 2004.

He joined the Marines because I didn't stop him.

As good as dead, and I think that might have been the one thing, in my life, I was supposed to do, but it was hard, so I married someone else.

But he's just a symbol, anyway. I keep falling love with the theory of the same guy, blue eyes and blond hair, doomed and idealistic, close enough. The original version survived Iraq and volunteered as a firefighter. They've all got drug problems and they all ended up in the military. I don't know if it's Byronic or redneck but at this rate it's only semantic.
Current Mood: yeah I'm drunk, so what

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